All our events are research led, content driven, and information rich. They convene experts at the world’s leading organizations, to present solutions on the most pressing commercial issues businesses, governments and institutions face.

  • Congress

    This is a Flagship, Large-Scale, Cross Industry Conference with Industry Awards. Typically spread over 4 days with many influential keynotes and multiple tracks. Attendees leave our events buzzing with real-world practical and actionable solutions to the burning issues they are currently facing, and an expanded network of the cutting-edge experts in their industry to continue the dialogue with.

  • Conferences

    Smaller than a Congress, these are solution focussed, deep sector & functional focussed conferences attended by senior executives at many of the most influential businesses. Each event delivers vital, need-to-know, business information via best practice case-studies and interactive discussion formats, from leading industry experts, from the world’s leading organisations.

  • Summits

    Similar to a Conference, they provide an unparalleled opportunity to benchmark with an array of the world’s top experts, within your business function and sector. The difference being that they also provide a format for business leaders to meet a selection of innovative solution providers in pre-arranged one to one meetings. Summits are the ultimate meeting point for relevant decision makers and solution providers.

  • Private Dinners

    Convening influential experts to debate on the most pressing commercial issues with invitation only business leaders in an exclusive private environment over fine food and drink.

  • Training Courses

    Courses delivered by world-class trainers, in luxury nationwide venues or your location, with A* exam pass rates. We are dedicated to creating a high performance workforce and enhancing competencies. Our motto is GET AHEAD, STAY AHEAD. We rigorously select the best trainers.

  • Thought Leaders

    Best practice training facilitated by recognised industry experts from the world’s leading organisations.

On-line events & content.

Time is the most valuable currency in the world, and we all have too little of it. Our Live and On-Demand products will keep everyone on your team productive and eliminates the expense of travel and downtime.


    On-line 1 hour peer to peer discussions relevant to your sector & function surrounding pre-defined business challenges. These provide a rich, engaging boardroom environment that allows you to easily interact, exchange ideas and solutions.


    Our award-winning video & conference presentation sync technology allows you to get the full learning experience of a live conference in the comfort of your own workplace or home at your convenience and on your schedule. Choose from a rich and deep selection of presentations.


    Timely, In-depth, Proprietary Market Intelligence