Open & Honest Communication

We are an open and honest organization and you should feel very comfortable calling out issues knowing it will never affect the security of your position or promotion, in fact it will do the opposite, it will create a higher level of trust. It is all part of a healthy relationship for the greater good of all and the company. 

Solution Focussed / Full of New Ideas

You are constanting thinking of new ideas to take the business forward. You are solution focussed, you bring solutions to weekly meetings to discuss, not problems. You transform problems into solutions & practical strategies to accomplish your goals. 

Highly Proactive

You are naturally a high energy person, who brings a strong sense of urgency and activity o acheiving your goals. You bring high energy and positive team spirit to all obstacles.



You figure out stuff yourself. You display an owners attitude. If something needs to get done, you take action to do things yourself to get it done. 

Present new ideas to drive growth & improve efficiencies at weekly meetings, and ARE NOT AFRAID TO FAIL.

Contribute Your Best Self 

You want to do the best work possible. You regularly exceed the standards expected. You demonstrate consistently strong performance so colleagues can rely upon you. 

Strong Project Management & Attention To Detail.

You understand the importance of detailed project plans, feedback, reporting, issue lists, to-do lists & checklists. Your attention to detail is is second to none. 

Intellectually Curious

You love learning and being progressive. You are interested in continuous self improvement, always looking to grow. You digest business books and talks at an insatiable rate.